Internship Postings

There are many diverse internships posted on this page. We keep these fresh and frequently added to this list.  The links on the Opportunities Page will provide more diverse titles and organizations to dig into.  Here is a sample of what is out there that you might want to dig into and explore. These internships are paid unless otherwise noted. Direct K-12 classroom opportunities or direct faith-based positions are not included in this list of sample positions. Summer camp positions are not listed below. 

The newest postings are at the bottom of each block sorted by deadlines dates. Don’t forget to check out the campus and other local interns/jobsHPRC local job board.

  • ATLAS internships. Work right here in the College of LAS in nontech or other work experiences.  There are many positions such as content editing, documentation, and technical writing positions. Once you have had an internship with ATLAS, you can apply for one of the student leadership roles.   Apply anytime.  Yes, these are internships for students in the humanities
  • Micro-internships (Parker Dewey). Paid project-based work experience. This specific URL/page supports Humanities Students at Illinois. 
  • Internship (unpaid), State Representative Carol Ammons (the University of Illinois is located in her district).
  • We CU:  COMMUNITY ENGAGED SCHOLARS Empowering students to meet the needs of the Champaign-Urbana community

FALL & Winter 2021 Internships (remote or local only)

Internships in Spring 2022 & Beyond (various deadlines):