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The Humanities Professional Resource Center offers career advising and opportunities specifically focused on humanities students. We’re here to help you

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No matter where you are in preparing for a career, the Humanities Professional Resource Center can help you plan for success.


UPCOMING EVENTS ON ZOOM (meeting info on Handshake):

Mondays 4 – 6 pm Career Cafe (drop-in time)

Fridays at noon to 1 pm (drop-in time) – Resumes and Cover Letters

Spring 2021 Virtual Career Fairs


Schedule an appointment (phone or Zoom) for one-on-one career advising or email humanitiesprc@illinois.edu with your questions.

Recent News

Careers for Humanities Majors: Sales (Account Services, Relationship Management, Solutions Architect)

Things that many humanities majors are good at: building relationships listening and hearing what isn’t said as well as what is recognizing the many dimension of a problem distilling complex information to a few key points coming up with creative solutions. Skills that are needed in the business world: everything that helps connect customers (which […]


The Job Search: Feeling STUCK?

You’re not alone. Lots of graduating seniors feel bewildered by the job search process and don’t know where to begin. The last time you faced a big life transition, you were probably applying to college, a process that involves: A fairly rigid time table, with strict deadlines A cohort of peers following the same timetable […]


“When Should I Get an Internship?”

We get this question a lot at the HPRC. The answer is complicated. Only a fraction of people reading this post will answer “yes” to the following question, but I ask it anyway: Do you want to work for a Fortune 500 company right after you graduate? Then an internship the summer before your junior […]