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Humanities Professional Resource Center

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The Humanities Professional Resource Center offers career advising and opportunities specifically focused on humanities students.

Career Cafe

Drop-in time: Mondays 4-6 PM

Closed for the Summer–make appointment with staff for assistance

For Career Concerns, Exploration Direction, Resume Review, Graduate Program Applications and More!

Resume/Cover Letter Review

Drop-in time: Fridays at 12-1 PM

Need some help with your Resume or CV? Stop by, we can help!


No matter where you are in preparing for a career, the Humanities Professional Resource Center can help you plan for success.

Your Success Is Our Success

Recent News

Meet Laura Karplus (BA, German and International Studies ’10), Academic Advisor

by Debayudh Chatterjee, Graduate Assistant, HPRC Meet Lauren Karplus. She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in International Studies and German from UIUC in 2010 and went on to get a masters degree in Political Science at Illinois State University. Currently, she works as an Academic Advisor and Experiential Learning Coordinator in ACES at the University […]


One Page? Yes, One Page. Mostly.

“I was wondering if you could give me your thoughts on making a resume with more than one page. I have seen conflicting opinions about this.” The less you give people to read, the more control you have over what they pay attention to. This advice applies to resumes, but also cover letters, writing samples, […]


What Does Success Mean for YOU?

The 2019 – 2020 Illini Success Report has been released, and the outcome for humanities majors are in step with outcomes across campus: better than many had feared but not as good as they would be if there wasn’t a global pandemic happening right now. Once again we learn that, contrary to popular myth, humanities […]


Love to Read =/= Love to Edit

Thinking about a career in editing because you love to read? “A love of reading is (or should be) a given for someone interested in becoming an editor, not because editing is similar to reading but because being deeply familiar with the written language can strengthen some of the tools used in the job. Having […]