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Careers for Humanities Majors: Sales Development (Account Services, Relationship Management, Solutions Architect)

Many alumni from Illinois humanities programs have found success in business careers. Check out   Things that many humanities majors are good at: building relationships listening explaining finding solutions. Skills that are needed in the business world: everything that helps connect customers (which can mean companies and organizations — not individual consumers) to the products […]


Careers for Humanities Majors: Technical Writing

“Technical writing” is writing that sets forth instructions, explains a process, or communicates important information. It is different from writing that argues, persuades, or advocates. If you have enjoyed explaining to your grandparents how Spotify works, or writing down an idiot-proof version of your favorite stir-fry recipe, or creating an easy-to-follow procedure for members of […]


Registering to Vote in Illinois as a Student

If you’re a US citizen and over 18, you can vote in the upcoming US election on November 3. Your vote counts whether you cast it or not. Politicians, pundits, paid consultants, and news media all crunch numbers to decide what people who don’t vote think politically, and they make decisions based on those numbers. […]


“How Do I Get Involved with Campus Activities When I’m Taking Classes Online?”

Our standard advice for career planning starts with “Do stuff!” We routinely urge students to get involved on campus through RSOs, volunteering, and collaborative projects, as well as internships and part-time jobs. “Don’t worry too much about connecting the dots to your career path!” we tell students. The goal is to start gathering insight into […]