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The Humanities Professional Resource Center offers career advising and opportunities specifically focused on humanities students.

Career Cafe

Drop-in times:

Tuesdays 1:30 – 4:40 PM

Thursdays 9:30 AM – noon

Closed for the Summer–make an appointment with staff for assistance

For Career Concerns, Exploration Direction, Resume Review, Graduate Program Applications and More!

Resume/Cover Letter Review

Drop-in time: Fridays at 12-1 PM

Closed for the Summer —make an appointment with staff for assistance

Need some help with your Resume or CV? Stop by, we can help!


No matter where you are in preparing for a career, the Humanities Professional Resource Center can help you plan for success.

Your Success Is Our Success

Recent News

Should I Double Major?

We hear this question a lot. And then the follow-up question: What would make the best second major? The answer is: maybe? (and then, “best” how?) It helps to know why you’re thinking about a second major. Here are some good reasons: “I took a few courses in [major] and really enjoyed them, so I […]


Spanish, Portuguese, Mandarin, and Arabic Speakers: US Consular Fellow Program

The US Department of State Consular Fellows Program might be of interest to humanities majors who are US citizens AND study/speak Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, or Portuguese. These are the qualifying languages for this three-year program, which provides an introduction to working as a diplomat. Watch the recording of this recent Facebook live event to […]


Put Courses on Resume?

A student asks: I have another question about my resume. Should I mention the courses I have taken at the U of Illinois so far? Answer: It depends. As with so many resume questions, there are no right or wrong answers — just strategies to convey to employers that you fill the need they have. […]