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Careers for Humanities Majors: Technical Writing

“Technical writing” is writing that sets forth instructions, explains a process, or communicates important information. It is different from writing that argues, persuades, or advocates. If you have enjoyed explaining to your grandparents how Spotify works, or writing down an idiot-proof version of your favorite stir-fry recipe, or creating an easy-to-follow procedure for members of […]


Curiosity > Passion

There’s an excellent Twitter thread from Ed Solomon (one of the writers of the Bill and Ted movies, among other things) about how curiosity is a better goal for the professional writer than passion.  Two takeaways here: This advice applies to more than just writing screenplays. “Passion” is an unrealistic expectation — and a lot […]


Should You Write for Free?

A lot of online publications are looking for writers. Some of them pay for articles, many don’t. Some offer other incentives: future opportunities to edit, recommendation letters, college credit. Here are some reasons to write for free: You can develop writing samples (often requested by employers looking to hire creative talent). It’s fun. It can […]