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Love to Read =/= Love to Edit

Thinking about a career in editing because you love to read?

“A love of reading is (or should be) a given for someone interested in becoming an editor, not because editing is similar to reading but because being deeply familiar with the written language can strengthen some of the tools used in the job. Having a good command of grammar, decent spelling skills, respect for the author’s voice, a penchant for consistency, and the ability to spot possible points of confusion are far more important than how you feel about reading. When I started working as a copyeditor, it was a few years before I could read for pleasure again. Tl;dr: If your application or interview focuses heavily on your love of reading, you’re probably not a good fit for the job.

–Jennifer Comeau, Assistant Director and Editorial, Design, and Production Manager at University of Illinois Press

Editing is just one part of the process by which ideas become published books. Learn more about the various parts of a publishing house and browse job ads pertaining to those various roles on bookjobs.com. Literary agents and literary scouts — roles that exist outside of publishing houses — are also part of the publishing process. Publisher’s Marketplace is another helpful site for learning about the scope and range of the publishing industry and finding job openings.

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