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Careers for Humanities Majors: Sales (Account Services, Relationship Management, Solutions Architect)

Things that many humanities majors are good at:

  • building relationships
  • listening and hearing what isn’t said as well as what is
  • recognizing the many dimension of a problem
  • distilling complex information to a few key points
  • coming up with creative solutions.

Skills that are needed in the business world: everything that helps connect customers (which can mean companies and organizations as well as individual consumers) to the products and services they need. Those are the very skills that humanities majors excel at.

The broad umbrella term is “Sales,” but generally the better one is at it, and the more money one gets paid to do it, the more elaborate the job title can become. Set aside your traumatic experiences of trying to upsell at a fast food counter or encourage customers to take the credit card offer at a department store. Once you’ve moved beyond minimum-wage and retail jobs, “sales” tends to be about building relationships and solving problems for an organization — not pushing a product.

The need for “sales” is not limited to the corporate or for-profit world. Nonprofit and government organizations also provide products and services, and work with multiple stakeholders. They, too, need people who can build relationships and solve problems. It’s a portable and vital skill set that, once learned, can be adapted to different contexts.

Learn more about sales (and the ways that it expands into marketing and management) with Jack Schwalbach. This interactive session will take you through some exercises to practice some of the relevant skills for a sales career and give you a chance to explore whether this is a career path for you.

Wednesday, March 3, 4 – 5:30pm; Zoom.