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Jobs Requiring Your Skills are Trending Upward

This list has been widely reported in the media: ten jobs for which there has been increasing demand over the past four years, according to the data collected on LinkedIn. Six of the ten, highlighted in green, are available to humanities majors. (The remaining four are within reach but may require more extensive additional training).

1. Software developer 

2. Sales representative 

3. Project manager 

4. IT Administrator 

5. Customer service specialist 

6. Digital marketer ​ 

7. IT support/Help desk 

8. Graphic designer 

9. Financial analyst  

10. Data analyst 

How do we know? Because University of Illinois humanities alumni are already finding success and satisfaction in those jobs.

Microsoft and LinkedIn are working on an initiative to provide career training specific to these career paths — and those resources may help to boost your career. However, in your major, you are already gaining the “soft skills” that are critical to these jobs: your abilities to cope with complexity and ambiguity, communicate with your fellow humans, and solve problems in spite of uncertainty.

Learn more about the well-established path from a humanities degree to a career working in vital tech and business fields at the Humanities Professional Resource Center. Schedule your own appointment here or email us at humanitiesprc@illinois.edu to learn more about your career options and get connected to alumni for mentoring and advice.