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July 2020 Virtual Workshops

Here’s the lineup of HPRC Virtual Workshops for July 2020. Four of these will walk you through some of the basics of career planning (they’re variations of successful workshops we offered in June):

Getting Connected (LinkedIn and Handshake for Humanities Majors): Wednesday, July 1, 3pm

  • Learn to create an effective profile, so you can use LinkedIn and Handshake to explore career options, build your network, and connect with employers. 

Write a Resume that Works: Thursday, July 9, 3pm

  • Learn to present your experience and skills in ways that matter to employers. We’ll also discuss strategies for customizing your resume to specific positions and getting it through an Applicant Tracking System (often the first reader of your resume).

Conquer the Dreaded Cover Letter: Tuesday, July 21, 3pm

  • Everyone hates writing cover letters. For humanities majors, a good cover letter can make your vital skills shine. Learn to use job ads to structure your letter and speak highly of yourself without sounding like a jerk. Explore the evolving genre of the “cover email” and other ways to pitch your skills through writing.

Ace the Interview (Including Remote Interviews): Friday, July 24, 3pm

  • Learn to answer common interview questions, interview the interviewers, and come across as professional and confident, regardless of the interview platform. 

Four more workshops are based on suggestions from current humanities students and questions that we get frequently.

Writing Samples and Your Creative Portfolio: Tuesday, July 7, 4pm

  • Learn to identify and curate writing samples that will help you land the job you want. We’ll talk about which examples of your writing are best for which jobs, and how to start developing a creative portfolio.

Your Grad School Options: Monday, July 13, 4pm

  • “Grad school” can mean a lot of different things, and as a humanities major you have choices about what kind of postgrad degree you want to pursue and why. Get the big picture of your options and advice on starting the application process.

Negotiate Your First Salary: Tuesday, July 16, 4pm

  • You have more room to negotiate your first salary than you realize. Learn strategies to help you feel more confident about asking for what you’re worth when you get that anticipated job offer.  Being organized from the start of the process will literally pay off for you later.

Finding the Right Internship: Tuesday, July 28, 4pm

  • Finding the right internship for you and your major starts with knowing what you want from the experience. Learn strategies for finding opportunities, identifying the ones that are right for you, and applying successfully.

Register to get the workshop Zoom link at https://go.illinois.edu/HPRCJuly2020.

Questions? Email humanitiesprc@illinois.edu