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Internship: Tolerance Means Dialogue

Prof. Robin Fretwell Wilson of the University of Illinois College of law seeks highly motivated undergraduate students  to assist with outreach, participant recruitment, communications, and social media for The Tolerance Means Dialogues. This funded series of dialogues around the country is aimed towards finding creative and constructive approaches to bridging difference in our society over issues that have divided us, like gay rights—with the goal being that every voice is heard.  

Learn more about the project here.

Interns will work at least five hours/week on the project. The time commitment includes the following:

  • Occasional lunch meetings (food provided)  with Prof. Wilson and members of her Tolerance Means Dialogue team at the Law School.
  • A weekly conference call with other members with the team.
  • Working with the team to devise recruitment and outreach strategies.
  • Writing blog, social media, email content
  • Other tasks as determined to help advance this project.
  • Enrollment in LAS 199-INT (CRN 46391)  — a one-credit, online class in the second eight weeks that will give you academic credit for your internship. Note that the internship will begin before the course does. (Contact the instructor, Brian Neighbors, at bneigh@illinois.edu to get approval if you are offered the internship.)

To apply, please email your resume to Carla Gall, Office Manager (holt3@illinois.edu), with “Tolerance Internship” in the subject line by 5pm on Monday, Sept. 2.