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Quintionna Parks, What seeing poetry in the national spotlight means to me. She is a creative writing student (within the English Department) studying poetry. Quintionna describes herself as “twenty-one years old and the last of four daughters. I was raised by my single mom in the south suburbs of Chicago. In no particular order, I am a poet, an entrepreneur, a Black woman, an activist, a creator, and a student.

Arnoldo Ayala, Helping undocumented students navigate Illinois. He is a senior in political science and Spanish. He currently serves as the vice president of education for the Illinois Coalition Assisting Undocumented Students’ Education (I-CAUSE). He is also the speaker of the senate for Illinois Student Government and former department director for Helping Others Personal Excellence (HOPE).

Raevianna Davis, My ATLAS internship experience taught me valuable skills and knowledge.  She is a senior majoring in English. She currently works as the communications intern at Motorola Solutions in the U of I Research Park, after having a successful experience with the ATLAS internship program.

Matt Fanelli, My undergrad humanities research enabled me to examine environmental consciousness. His story as a current student studying history and media and cinema as a junior at Illinois, preparing for a career that involves writing. He recently conducted research through the Humanities Research Institute (HRI) on campus.

Sophie Luijten,  My undergrad humanities research led me to examine climate change and women’s securityHer story as a junior majoring in global studies and Spanish, with a concentration in environmental sustainability and social responsibility. Luijten is a Global Studies Leader, a Bailey Scholar, a CFA Social Justice Scholar, a James Scholar, and serves as a mentor for the Campus Honors Program. 

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