Stories from Alumni


A series devoted to stories about our College Alums. See the latest information in this series.

John Lowe makes unexpected career move to lead Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams
Corinne Cantwell Heggie’s degree leads to many dimensions of success in law with her first degree in French. Follow her story in this article.
Cyber threats, counterterrorism, and Shakespeare. Starting with her English degree, Erin Joe’s career in national security requires a mindset that began forming in college.

LAS Insiders Story

LAS Insider Story: Kyndal Gragg is a junior in LAS, where she studies the History of Art. Originally from Springfield, IL, but hailing from Tulsa, OK, she is passionate about space-making and advocating for underrepresented narratives in the arts.

LAS Insider Story: Brendan McGovern is a junior in LAS, where he studies English and political science. He is passionate about politics and writing, and he has found registered student organizations on campus to develop those interests.

LAS Insider Story: LAS student Cherish Recera has found her niche at the Research Park. Cherish Recera is a junior pursuing a dual degree in English and Community Health.

LAS Insider Story: LAS student Shelby Job discovered her skills and interests at Research Park. Shelby Job studied English and Earth, Society, and Environmental Sustainability with a focus on the eco-humanities, environmental writing, and geospatial technologies.

LAS Insider Story:  Megan Resurreccion is a senior in the College of LAS, where she is majoring in creative writing and minoring in informatics and statistics.

LAS Insider Story: Issy Marquez is a junior pursuing majors in English and political science and minors in Spanish and history.

LAS Insider Story: Tredayne Cabanlit is a recent graduate of LAS, where he majored in linguistics with a focus on phonetics and phonology. The founder of several startups.

LAS Insider Story: Alex Bryk is a senior in LAS studying Spanish Teacher Education.

LAS Insider Story: Three siblings, five LAS majors and one strong family bond.  Gabriela is part of the HPRC team.

LAS Insider Story: Alumnus finds the Sweet Life