Reading Program

Instructor Job Description – Enhanced Reading or Gifted Programs


The first position will provide instructional support to students with learning challenges who learn differently.  Specifically, we are looking for individuals who can provide support for students who want to increase their ability to read, recognize words and letters.  The sessions are hour in length and include time spent talking with parents.  We have an instructor to help with the learning engagement process.  A bachelor’s degree plus or master’s degree are all that is required. A one page resume would be helpful.  The age group for these sessions is 5 to 16, with a concentration in students 5 to 11 years old.  No formal training required. We will provide a straight forward training process to all new instructors.

The second phase of our new approach to learning challenges is in the gifted area.  We are seeking to hire one or two gifted instructors to help with our new gifted program.  While gifted students demonstrate a very high level of intelligence, some may need additional support in writing, math, science or social skill development.  We currently have one instructor that has taught in gifted programs since was in high school but we need more instructors with our expanded marketing strategies.

  • Hours for sessions are between the instructor and parent/guardian
  • Pay is $20.00 per hour per session for both programs
  • Hiring paperwork will be required
  • No previous experience required
  • The joy of teaching others is preferred

Contact – Dr. Jim Jones, or phone 217-351-9144