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This links will direct you to various places that you can explore questions about what is like to work at various jobs, how to write a resume, tips on phone interviews and many other things you might need. I have added pod casts as well.

You have skills but what are soft or hard skills (Definition of Skills, Indeed)

Career Explorations and interviews with various people working in different jobs

Resources you should learn more about

Resumes, cover letters (see our Resume page, too)

Handling virtual career fairs

Online interviewing including video and phone interviewing including Negotiation videos

Remote Internships/work

How to excel at your internship or job

Graduate or Professional School information -interviewing and other tips

Large Video Libraries

You can find many videos about career exploration, job searching, interviewing and so on that might not be covered in our links above.

The Illinois Career Center Video Resource Library

Career links on