Online Video Resources for Humanities Professional Resource Center

Lots of great advice comes in videos and podcasts!

Exploring humanities jobs: thru videos, podcasts, and published articles to assist you to investigate your options. This can be a great place to start assess specific job titles. Or a place to gain a fuller understanding of what many professional jobs entail day-to-day.

Resumes, and cover letters online support (see our Resume resource page a format example)

Resources to help you with building your profile and using LinkedIn

Graduate or Professional School information — interviewing and other tips

How to approach a virtual career fairs

Online interviewing help including video and phone interviewing, plus how-to Negotiation videos

Slate’s Working podcast: “Interviews with creative people about their work”

Remote Internships/work

How to excel at your internship or job

Links which can help you to reflect about yourself or your future directions

Teach girls bravery, not perfection – TED TALK and the applications this has when applying for jobs (YouTube, published February 2016)

What is imposter syndrome and how can you combat it? – Elizabeth Cox – learn how this can impact your future (YouTube, published Aug 28, 2018)

Avoiding an All-or-Nothing Approach to Your Career, Derek Attig, March 28, 2022, Inside Higher Education

The Work Remix podcast (“Each episode will answer your questions about thriving in the workplace of today and tomorrow.”)

Skills Accelerator – Reimagine learning — Join BP and The Smarty Train for free virtual learning experiences to help you upskill and prepare for your future. Our series of 75-minute virtual sessions will introduce you to five key skills of the future.

HPRC recorded presentations

Feb 8, 2022 Your Language Skills and Your Future