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In-Person Career Fair at Illinois Campus Recreation Activities and Recreation Center.

No one should go hungry. A recent campus report found that nearly 38% of students at four-year universities claimed they were food-insecure in the previous 30 days. You are not alone. The University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign wants to ensure you have access to nutritious food and assistance to help you solve issues of food insecurity. Campus wants to help with connecting your to many resources.

Need Career Gear? If you are looking for gently-used work attire, we recommend visiting local thrift and second-hand stores in the Champaign-Urbana community. Here are some options you may consider (These organizations are not sponsored or endorsed campus units.)

Need a phone or Zoom interview space close to your classes? HPRC has two private interview rooms for those Humanities students in need of a quiet place for phone or online interviews.  To reserve one of our rooms complete the online scheduling form at least three business days in advance.

Practice interviewing with the free online software application for Illinois students – Big Interview

Places to Research Employers including salary/wages

Dreamers & Undocumented Students Employment Assistance for Students, Faculty, Staff, & Employers

DREAMers are DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) or TPS (Temporary Protected Status) students. These students are readily able to secure work legally. Employers/Organizations can proactively recruit and hire DREAMers with DACA – knowing these students are critical to the equitable revitalization of organizations and communities.

University of Illinois Quad

Student employment:

  • Find a job through a U.S. employer. Your EAD (employment authorization document) and a social security number will allow you US employment. Take full advantage of those documents by finding a job on or off campus. Despite your DACA approval, you are still not eligible for a federal work-study. You can take charge of your own job search by searching for open positions outside of work-study (Humanities positions: local & campus while enrolled, internships, and post-graduation).
  • Renew your DACA so that you can work in the United States after graduation too. Your DACA is a temporary solution to your absence of legal immigration papers. Renewing your DACA is crucial if you hope to continue working in the United States indefinitely. The USCIS website has resources to help you with your EAD questions and concerns. For more information about renewing your DACA, consult a lawyer or the USCIS official website.
  • Become an independent contractor. An independent contractor is a person or business that provides services to another operation as specified the negotiated contract. Independent contractors are not employees; they are freelancers. A contract with a business will state whether the work is paid hourly or with a flat fee, and the freelancer will submit an invoice for his or her services. Unlike employees, independent contractors use their own facilities and supplies such as computers and cars. Businesses often hire independent contractors for special projects in writing and translation services, marketing, graphic design, IT work, and many other fields.

Specific links to resources for supporting student employment:

Prepare for your future

International Employment Assistance

  • INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS: looking for jobs or internships you might look at these options: OPT or CPT.  For a list of internationally friendly US companies, click here.  For more information about policies around your visa keep current with information from ISSS.  For other general resources, go to the Handshake @ Illinois Library.
  • Articles and information for International Students

Links to Global postings and other information