Julie’s Summer Break Challenge

You track your score and send in your list or spreadsheet to Julie (jwoolsey@….) by noon on Aug 14, 2022. I hope you are up for this challenge. Let me know what you find useful or engaging.

Interview for position50
Attend your Externship or create a job shadow experience25
Career Camp (May 24, 25, & 26 at 4 pm)25
Build a resume (master), cover letter template, LinkedIn Profile or Handshake Profile25
Create a writing sample portfolio, or create a blog/social media25
Started or returned to job over break25
Send thank you note to mentor, job shadow contact, or post interview15
Submit grad application15
Update resume, cover letter template, Profile, person website (update verbs with Active Verb List) and so on….15
Apply for a position15
Help an organization with a project/task 15
Read book for fun 5
Visit an art gallery or museum5
Write a list of name with contact info to use as references5
Note a skill you have5
Determine a skill(s) you want to learn by the end of Summer5
Watch Imposter Syndrome YouTube Video 5
Use LinkedIn or Social Media to find someone to connect to (network)5
Visit our write a cold email page for connecting to someone on LinkedIn, Illini Link or other ways5
Clean up and organize your computer files (and other devices)5
Take an assessment (like Clifton Strengths, O-Net, Career one stop, Personal Values, Yale’s Career Assessment…)5
Look at a sales position posting2
Write down one goal for Fall 2022 2
Look at a Job Board (many on our website)2
Create something (poem, knit a hat, sculpt art, cook a special meal, write a chunk of code…)2
Read a HPRC blog (on HPRC Homepage)2
Volunteer at home (many sites like Volunteer Match) or campus (1 point per hour)1
Read through a position posting1
Investigate a RSO to consider joining 1
Watch a video from our website list1
Connect to a new contact/friend to your LinkedIn group1
Investigate what software might be useful to learn for your future needs (including trending social media)1