HUM 275: Job Ad Analysis Assignment

This assignment requires you to find three jobs that you COULD apply for and to pick one for which you practice the job application process, which starts with a careful analysis of the job ad that you’re responding to.

First, click through this slide deck.

You can find the assignment on slide 33, and a list of job boards to check out on slide 34.

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Here’s what you need to do to complete the assignment:

  • Find THREE jobs (seniors) or internships (juniors) that you could imagine applying for in the next six months. Copy and past the full text of all three into a document (a URL is insufficient). (see next slide for places to look)
  • Identify the ONE job that interests you most, and analyze it, as described in this presentation (slides 10 – 12):
  • Create a word-bank of repeated or emphasized terms.
    • Make note of any usual, striking, or significant phrases.
    • Identify any jargon or terms of art that you don’t recognize and look them up.
    • Locate the list of requirements and make a chart with it (slides 27 – 29). If your internship ad doesn’t have a list, try to invent your own and use that (slide 31)
  • Combine the three job ads, your analysis, and your chart into a single document and email it to


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