HUM 275: Introductory Assignment

Welcome to HUM 275. Here are a few things you need to do to get launched in this course. This is the “Introductory Assignment” in your required assignments, and worth 10 points upon completion of all components.

  1. Create a LinkedIn profile, or update one you already have. At a minimum your profile should have a professionally appropriate photo of yourself and a headline that says something OTHER THAN “Student at…” or “…major.” From within the LinkedIn platform, “Connect” with me (
  2. Join the Slack group for this course by clicking here.
  3. Create a slide (Google Slide or Powerpoint) with¬†¬†3 – 5 pictures of people, characters, animals, figures that convey some aspect of your personality (only one entity/image). One pic should be a photograph of you. No text! But you can offer explanation in the “notes” to the slide. Upload it to the “Introductions” channel in the Slack group. Make sure you’ve set the permissions for the link so that everyone can see it.
  4. Complete the Doodle poll in Slack to help me identify a date for a brief online class meeting next week.
  5. Email me ( You can use this email to ask any questions you have at this point, but you must email me even if you don’t have questions. Keep in mind that this is your first professional communication to me, so construct your email accordingly. Note that the email should have a salutation/greeting of some kind — and I leave it to your discretion to decide what would be appropriate. If you’re not sure you’re making the right call, feel free to explain your decision in the text of the email.

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