HUM 275: Draft Resume and Reflection Assignment

due 9/14

This assignment will give me some idea of who you are and where you might be headed after college, and it will give you a baseline to help you track how your thinking about careers develops in this course.

(1) Revise — or draft — your resume. Save it as a PDF and attach it to the email you send me with the reflections requested below. If creating a resume is new to you, never fear — you will be revising this document extensively (that’s why this assignment has “draft” in the title). You can find some advice and a suggested format here.

(2) Identify the FIVE items from the following list that are the most important to you in the first five years out of college.

  • A salary that allows you to pay back student loans and maintain a comfortable life.
  • A position where you can improve or change people’s lives.
  • A position where you can influence the direction of your organization.
  • A position where you can make things happen outside your organization.
  • An organization whose name people recognize.
  • An organization where you feel part of something bigger than yourself.
  • An organization where you’re doing something that matters to people other than you.
  • An organization that’s trying to change the world for the better.
  • An organization with power and influence.
  • An organization large enough that you can change jobs or move up without ever leaving the organization.
  • A job where you do one thing that you’re very good at all the time.
  • A job where you do a lot of different things in the course of a week, some of which come easily to you and others that are more of a stretch.
  • A job where you get to learn new things all the time.
  • A work schedule that involves a lot of travel.
  • A work schedule that involves no travel.
  • Work that you do almost entirely on your own.
  • Work that involves a lot of daily collaboration with others.
  • A job where you are expected to work long hours, but you can set your own schedule.
  • A job where you never work more than 40 hours/week, but you have to be in the office during predetermined hours.
  • A job where you enjoy the company of your coworkers.
  • A job where you can expect substantial salary increases as a result of hard work.
  • A job where you get good mentoring and encouragement to move up within the organization.
  • A job where you get a lot of feedback and support in your daily work.
  • A job where you have freedom to tackle your responsibilities as you see fit with little regular oversight.
  • A job that gives you ample room for life (family, volunteering, hobbies) outside of work.
  • A job that you care about so much that you’re willing to put nights and weekends into doing it.
  • A job where you can be creative so long as you produce results.

Write those five things down in a document.

(3) Write an additional 250 – 500 words on what you want for yourself after college. What kinds of careers have you considered? What kinds of concerns or constraints will shape your life after college? (e.g., need to stay near family, want to live in a city, want to be independent as soon as possible, etc.) What do you know about what you DON’T want to do?

(4) Review the list of Custom Assignment Options and identify the things you plan to do in order to gain all the points you need in this course for the grade you want. Write them down at the end of the document from (2) and (3). This is not a binding contract — but it should prompt you to write yourself some reminders about upcoming events that you want to take part in (and it will give me some idea of your interests).

(5) Title your document with your last name and HUM 275 and email it to me ( as an attachment (along with your resume) by September 14, 5pm.

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