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Humanities Majors and Business?

Check out this ad for an internship at Synchrony in the University of Illinois Research Park. The job title is a mouthful: Synchrony Emerging Technology Intern (Business, Marketing, Consulting). It gets shortened to “Business etc.” in the ad itself. Much of the ad may sound like white noise, if you haven’t already worked in business. […]


Is It Time to Apply for an Internship?

¬†Why Should I Apply for an Internship? Learn more at our upcoming workshop: Internships: How, When, and Why. Tuesday, October 20, 5;30pm. Register on Handshake for Zoom link. It’s important to gain experience outside the classroom while you’re in college so you can explore potential career paths learn more about your strengths acquire skills show […]


Bank of America Wants YOU

Bank of America is trying to diversify its workforce by encouraging freshmen and sophomores¬† to come visit. Their Diversity and Inclusion Spring Forums provide free transportation and hotel accommodation to accepted students for a 1 – 2 day event at one of their corporate locations. There are no restrictions as to major. If you’re reading […]