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Choose What Defines You

You make a series of branching choices that lock you into your destiny. In a Choose Your Own Adventure Book, each page gives you a choice, each of which directs you to a specific page to continue the story, and another choice, leading to another page, until you’ve closed the book. If you did it […]


Expand What “Entrepreneurship” Means for You

Two events coming up of potential interest to humanities majors. Come as a spectator, stay for insight into the various things that “entrepreneurship” can mean, leave with some ideas for making your own contribution in the next cycle. Illinois Social Innovation Social Pitch 2020 April 29 | 5-7 pm | [go.gies.illinois.edu/socialinnovation] Register for this event to gain […]


Curiosity > Passion

There’s an excellent Twitter thread from Ed Solomon (one of the writers of the Bill and Ted movies, among other things) about how curiosity is a better goal for the professional writer than passion.  Two takeaways here: This advice applies to more than just writing screenplays. “Passion” is an unrealistic expectation — and a lot […]