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Illinois Business Consulting and Humanities Majors

by Valerie O’Brien Are you wondering how to supplement your rich humanities background (and entries on your résumé) with some business experience before you graduate? You might consider joining Illinois Business Consulting, a time-intensive but professionally rewarding organization that offers you hands-on consulting experience. What is Illinois Business Consulting (IBC)? IBC is an extracurricular opportunity […]


Three Magic Words: “All Majors Welcome”

  If you’re thinking about an internship for next summer, or a job after you graduate, consider attending this fall’s Business Career Fair, September 16 and 17 in ARC. No, it’s not just for business school majors. You can find a list of the companies that will be attending on I-Link.  Follow the link, use […]


Planning to Work this Fall?

If finding a part-time job is on your to-do list when you return to campus in a few weeks, you can start now.  Don’t let it just be about the money.  The money matters, of course, but your part-time job can also be a way to get experience, develop your skills, and learn more about […]