Alumni Mentoring

Information for Alumni

Alumni mentoring connects students to graduates of their programs who can offer advice, experience, and insight. For many students, alumni mentoring is a first step towards building a professional network.

Alumni mentoring through the Humanities Professional Resource Center is open-ended and student-driven. Students who have completed a brief orientation to the ethics and norms of professional networking are given access to the alumni mentoring database, where they can identify the people they would like to reach out to for an informational interview. It is then up to the student to contact the alumna/us, request a call or meeting, and follow through. Sometimes an informational interview is all the mentoring a student needs, sometimes it is the beginning of a more extended networking connection.

If you would like to be an alumni mentor, please complete this form to be added to our database.

Expectations of Alumni:

  • Be prepared to serve as a resource for students who contact you.
  • Listen carefully to questions.
  • Offer advice on matters of professional development, college success, and careers.
  • Communicate in a timely fashion (if only to say, for example “you’ve caught me at a bad time — please reach out again next month.”)
  • Follow through on any commitments you make to students.
  • Model professional interaction.
  • Alert Kirstin Wilcox ( to any problems that arise.

Expectations of Students:

  • Take responsibility for  initiating contact with alumni mentors.
  • Be receptive to suggestions and feedback.
  • Communicate your goals and the help you seek in achieving them.
  • Follow through on any commitments you make to alumni mentors
  • Realize that having experienced professionals to learn from is a privilege.
  • Conduct yourself professionally
  • Seek advice and tips, but do not ask for jobs or internships.
  • Alert Kirstin Wilcox ( to any problems that arise.