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Meet Knox Wong, Entrepreneur (EALC ’19)

by Debayudh Chatterjee This is the first of three profiles of alumni who majored in foreign languages at Illinois. Meet Knox Wong, recent humanities alumna and entrepreneur.  Knox came to the University of Illinois with the goal of being financially autonomous as soon as possible, yet she also had an artistic side and knack for […]


Watch Out for the Jellybeans (and M&Ms)

If you’ve been looking at job openings through Idealist.org, you may have run across an ad for an interim communications lead at a company called Yourstake.org. The instructions for applying include the following: The writers of the ad thoughtfully include a hyperlink to explain why they’ve included the last item. The link explains the purpose […]


Internship Application Pro-Tip for Humanities Majors

I’m about to add this internship with a New York Public Radio podcast to our internship lineup, and I happen to notice the following information in the application instructions: This ad gives you the prompt for this particular internship — but the basic principle behind the prompt applies to any internship you apply for, any […]


Is It Time to Apply for an Internship?

 Why Should I Apply for an Internship? Learn more at our upcoming workshop: Internships: How, When, and Why. Tuesday, October 20, 5;30pm. Register on Handshake for Zoom link. It’s important to gain experience outside the classroom while you’re in college so you can explore potential career paths learn more about your strengths acquire skills show […]


Careers for Humanities Majors: Technical Writing

“Technical writing” is writing that sets forth instructions, explains a process, or communicates important information. It is different from writing that argues, persuades, or advocates. If you have enjoyed explaining to your grandparents how Spotify works, or writing down an idiot-proof version of your favorite stir-fry recipe, or creating an easy-to-follow procedure for members of […]


Registering to Vote in Illinois as a Student

If you’re a US citizen and over 18, you can vote in the upcoming US election on November 3. Your vote counts whether you cast it or not. Politicians, pundits, paid consultants, and news media all crunch numbers to decide what people who don’t vote think politically, and they make decisions based on those numbers. […]