Academic Advising

Looking for a specific major or program in the humanities? LAS list of Advisors is here. LAS Advisors are transitioning from prior Covid policies to newer ones; please check Departmental pages for the most current information.

  • African American Studies | Advisor: Prof. Candice Jenkins,

  • Art History | Advisors: Brian VanGinhoven, & Prof. Kristin Romberg,; email for an appointment

  • Asian American Studies | Advisor: Prof. Fiona Ngo,; email for an appointment

  • Classics | Advisor: Prof. Brian Walters,; email for an appointment

  • Comparative and World Literature | Advisor: Prof. Rini Mehta,; email for an appointment

  • Creative Writing | Advisors: Keshia Atkins,; & Anna Ivy,; 200 English

  • East Asian Language and Cultures | Advisor: Advisor: Jeeyoung Ha,; email for an appointment

  • English |Advisors: Keshia Atkins; & Anna Ivy,

  • French | Advisor: Daniel Maroun,; schedule online or email for an appointment

  • Women and Gender Studies | Advisor: Tasha Robles,

  • German | Advisor: Prof. Charlie Webster (as of Aug 16, 2021),; 3108 FLB

  • History | Advisor: Stefan Djordjevic,; Academic Advising | History at Illinois;  305 Greg Hall

  • Italian | Advisor: Prof. Eleanora Stoppino,; email for an appointment|

  • Latina/Latino | Advisor: Alicia Rodriguez,; email for an appointment

  • Linguistics | Advisor:  Zack Reed,; email for an appointment (see appointment schedule)

  • Medieval Studies | Advisor: Prof. Eleanora Stoppino,; email for an appointment

  • Philosophy | Advisor: Prof. Noel Saenz,; 208 Greg Hall

  • Portuguese | Advisor: Prof. John Karam,; email for an appointment

  • Religion | Advisor: Prof. Richard Layton,; email for an appointment

  • Slavic Languages and Literature | Advisor: Prof. Dan Leon,; 2014 FLB

  • Spanish | Advisor: Brady Hughes,; email for an appointment

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