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Meet Kyle Currie (Classics ’15), graduate student in public policy

Meet Kyle Currie, currently a graduate student in public policy at Michigan State University. He obtained his bachelor’s degree in Classics and Classical Languages from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2015. Kyle took interest in the study of ancient history ever since he was a teenager. Initially, he was enrolled as a history major. In order to fulfil his language requirement, he took up ancient Greek. Over the course of time, the necessity to access historical archives in their source language prompted him to shift to classics for his undergraduate studies.

Kyle identifies his core strengths as his ability to analyze and critically reflect. These abilities have helped him in handling history and classical languages, as well as providing him with the necessary skills to study public policy. He maintains that a degree in classics “doesn’t just teach one thing, but almost everything.” It equipped him with the expertise to analyze complex knowledge systems, work with copious amounts of information, and develop a rational approach towards whatever life throws at one. After graduation, Kyle worked in operations and logistics for several years before heading to graduate school.

Kyle served in the US army for eight years before joining college. At U of I he was active with the veteran’s community. This experience helped his transition back to civilian life. While working towards his undergraduate degree, Kyle worked at the Willard airport. Though his colleagues lived in the Urbana-Champaign area, none of them were directly involved with the university. He believes that it is crucial for students to expose themselves to the world outside campus town and learn from whatever that is beyond the realms of conventional campus life. “Move out of campus” is his advice to current undergraduate students.