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Reasons Why Seniors Should Avoid Using the HPRC

There are SO MANY REASONS not to make an appointment at the HPRC as you prepare to graduate.

For example:

“I don’t really know what I want to do.”

Yeah. We hear this one a lot. We can probably give you a few ideas about how to start earning a living while you figure it out. We can also give you some ideas about avenues to explore based on what you’ve done so far. Make an appointment.

“We’re in a global pandemic and no one knows what’s going to happen.”

True. You’re still graduating, though. Organizations are still hiring. The world is full of problems that you can help to solve, and needs that you can fill. Let us help you figure out a strategy for moving forward in these conditions of profound uncertainty.

“I don’t want a corporate job.”  

That’s fine. There are lots of jobs that don’t fit that descriptor. We can have a conversation about the job you DO want, and help you figure out how to get it.

“I’ll figure it out after graduation.” 

We’ll still be here after you graduate, but those conversations will be easier if you lay some groundwork ahead of time.

“I’m independently wealthy and don’t need to work.”

AWESOME! Consider Supporting us! Money’s great. So is a purpose and direction, we can help with that.

“Pretty sure I’m headed to grad school…”

A lot of humanities majors go on to grad school. “Grad school” can mean a lot of different things. If you’re unsure about what kind of grad school you have in mind, or if you’re thinking about grad school because the prospect of looking for a job is terrifying, we can help you think through your options.

“I’ve been accepted to grad school.”

Congratulations! Feel free to reach out if we can be helpful to you in your remaining months as an undergraduate.

“I’ve already screwed everything up irrevocably — no internship, no job experience, no research, no extracurriculars. Why bother?”

You’ve lived your life, and that’s all you have to do, as far as we’re concerned. You’ll go on living your life after you graduate, and we’re here to help you get the full value of the degree you’re earning. Let us do that. Make an appointment and we can help you figure out some next steps to keep you moving forward.

“I’ve got a good GPA — that’s all I need to get a good job, right?”

A good GPA is helpful, but most employers are looking for more than a diploma and a number. Let us help you translate your hard work into terms that employers will recognize. We can review your resume, discuss strategies for identifying the jobs that will be a good fit, and work with you on crafting cover letters that demonstrate your skills.

“I’ve got a terrible GPA. No one is going to hire me, so I might as well become one of those baristas with a BA everyone talks about.”

Yeah…no. You have choices, no matter what your GPA is (and many employers won’t even ask). Let us help you explore your options. We can review your resume, discuss strategies for identifying the jobs that will be a good fit, and work with you on crafting cover letters that demonstrate your skills.

“I don’t even know what kind of jobs people get with my degree.”

We do. That’s why they’re paying us to talk to you. So make an appointment to have that conversation.

“You all seem like nice people, but I’d really rather just look stuff up online and figure it out on my own.”

We get that. As a humanities major, you’ve probably got good research and communication skills that will serve you well in looking for a job. We’re here if you start to feel like you’re not getting anywhere on your own.

“I’m scared.”

Sure. Confronting the vast unknown of the future is terrifying. If it would make it easier, feel free to email us your questions (humanitiesprc@illinois.edu), call us (217-244-1840), or make an appointment for you and a friend together. (We love meeting with students in pairs or groups–just sign up for yourself and then forward the Zoom link we send you to anyone joining you).

“Pretty sure I’ve got this — I had a couple of interviews last week and I’ve got more coming up.”

Way to go!  We’re here to help you prepare for interviews, practice answers to tough questions, and navigate the online interview with aplomb. Make an appointment!