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Meet Knox Wong, Entrepreneur (EALC ’19)

by Debayudh Chatterjee

This is the first of three profiles of alumni who majored in foreign languages at Illinois.

Meet Knox Wong, recent humanities alumna and entrepreneur.  Knox came to the University of Illinois with the goal of being financially autonomous as soon as possible, yet she also had an artistic side and knack for languages.  After working as a sales representative for a year following graduation, Knox has now opened her own online clothing store, Cozy Momo. She enjoys the independence of being her own boss and controlling her own time, in a career that involves not just making money but doing what makes her happy.

Born in Guangzhou, China, Knox emigrated to with her family at a young age. Knox grew up in a community that had did not have many minorities except her family. Majoring in East Asian Languages and Cultures was an endeavor to connect with her roots, to immerse herself in the life that was physically miles away, yet carried deeply in her heart. In coming to college, Knox had the goal of being financially autonomous as soon as possible, in addition to wide-ranging intellectual curiosity. As a result, she also minored in Business and Architecture, as well as Spanish.

This blend of vocational expertise with a rigorous grounding in aesthetics enhanced her career. Knox identifies her knack for languages and the study of literature as important skills. Her awareness of core, intricate human values across cultures helps her reach out to a diverse clientele. She cultivated these capacities through her involvement with a campus organization, English Corner, which drew a lot of international students. Knox was in charge of advertising the events on social media, which was a formative experience for her. Along with honing her organization skills, she used to this opportunity to develop as a designer. She created the website of that club along with a friend and that subsequently helped her in creating the website for her business.

Knox is currently an MS student in marketing at Loyola University, Chicago where she hopes to learn more about her trade and gather experience to flourish as an entrepreneur. Knox advises the current UIUC students, especially those in LAS, to keep doing whatever they love the most because, sooner or later, passion will pay off!