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Registering to Vote in Illinois as a Student

If you’re a US citizen and over 18, you can vote in the upcoming US election on November 3.

Your vote counts whether you cast it or not. Politicians, pundits, paid consultants, and news media all crunch numbers to decide what people who don’t vote think politically, and they make decisions based on those numbers. The only way to make your vote say what you want it to is by…actually voting.

First you register, if you have not done so already. If you live here in Champaign County, you can register to vote here. If you divide your time between Champaign County and a home address elsewhere, you can decide where you want to vote (but you can only vote in one place).

If you live and attend college in Champaign County, but are unsure about whether to vote there or at home (wherever that is), know that the US congressman for the U of I’s district is up for re-election. He narrowly won in 2018, and it it will be a close race again this year against the same opponent. No matter where you fall on the political spectrum, it’s a race in which your vote could make a difference.

If you’ve voted before elsewhere and want to vote this year in Champaign County, registering to vote here automatically changes your address for purposes of voting.

After registering, you will be eligible to vote. There are several ways to vote here in Champaign County: Election-Day in-person voting, early voting (at various locations that will be revealed in the weeks leading up to the election), or voting by mail. But again, you can only vote once. You can request a vote by mail ballot here.

If you live (and plan to vote) somewhere other than Champaign county, you can find the rules for registering to vote here.