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“Do you have any advice for where to find a campus job for the fall?”

Student Affairs representatives during a new student information meeting.

A student who has been checking the Virtual Job Board regularly notes that there are fewer listings there than usual. “Do you have any advice for where else to find employment?” they ask.

  • There are two hiring opportunities that are specific to this pandemic moment: student health ambassadors and covid-19 test collection assistants.
  • Set yourself a routine of checking Handshake as well as the Virtual Job Board. On Handshake, you can filter for part-time campus positions (and paid internships elsewhere).
  • Open to a remote virtual internship elsewhere? Handshake labels remote positions but doesn’t filter them. However, we’ve been curating a list of appealing listings on our website.
  • Keep checking regularly, even if you don’t see many postings at the moment. Campus employers may be waiting to hire new staff until the start of the semester approaches and it’s clearer what campus life will look like, which student employees are returning, what face-to-face services are in demand, and the like. Because things are fluid, it’s also a good idea to monitor the job boards of some of the big campus employers like the Illini Union, Campus Recreation, and the Library. 
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