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Humanities Majors and the Gies Career Fair

Yes,  you should go. There are jobs there. Your dream job? Maybe not. But jobs with a good starting salary, benefits, and stability? Yes. Many employers at the Gies Career Fair are looking for the so-called “soft skills” — communication, reasoning and problem-solving, teamwork, willingness to learn. Your major will matter far less to them than your capacity to connect with people, explain complex ideas clearly, think on your feet, and take on new challenges.

We’ve curated a list of the employers who may be interested in talking to you and the kinds of openings they’re trying to fill. Humanities majors do get hired — so if any of these are appealing to you, you should go:

Gies Career Fair January 2020 positions and employers

You can read more about how to have a successful career fair experience here.

You can also prepare by attending our upcoming event, Preparing for a Career Fair as a Humanities Major. Thursday, Jan. 23, 4:00 – 5:00pm in 1065 Lincoln Hall.