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Winter Break Externships 2019 – 20

An externship can help you connect your skills to the needs of the workplace, while you learn about some of the career options that are available to you. Spend part of a day in a workplace

  • talking to current professionals with backgrounds similar to yours,
  • learning about what the organization does and how it operates day-to-day, and
  • making connections between your abilities and life after graduation.

Here are the externship opportunities that are available THIS winter break for humanities majors:

Communications and Marketing, College of LAS (on campus): 1 opening, multiple dates available

Merkle, Inc. (Chicago): 3 openings, Wednesday, December 18.

Prime Publishing (Northbrook): 3 openings, Thursday, January 9

Pixo (Urbana): 3 openings, Wednesday, January 15

The Black Sheep (Chicago): 5 openings, Thursday, January 16

MORE information is available about these opportunities: Winter Break Externships 2019 – 20.

IF you want to do a winter break internship:

  1. Click here to read more about the externships that are available.
  2. Identify no more than three that fit with your winter break plans
  3. Apply online here before December 2.

You will be notified on December 6 if you have been accepted and matched with one of your choices.

You will then need to complete, sign, and hand in an Externship Agreement by December 13, committing you to taking part. You will contact the organization to confirm the details of the day, and then show up as planned.

Why Do an Externship?

Because you’re not sure what you can do with your skills. The externships we’ve selected will put you in contact with professionals with educational backgrounds similar to yours who can tell you about their paths from a humanities degree to a successful career.

Because you’re not sure where to start. When you don’t know enough potential careers to pursue an internship or part-time job, an externship can help give you some ideas. It’s a low-stakes point-of-entry to the whole business of figuring out your future.

Because you don’t know what you don’t know. The way many humanities majors imagine the workplace is very different from how it actually is. Spending some time around working professionals with the same college preparation you’re acquiring can ground your assumptions in reality.

Because you feel like you don’t know anything. The agendas outlined in some of these externship descriptions may sound baffling. That’s okay. The whole point is to learn things you don’t know. The people you meet during an externship were once in the same position you are, and they get it.

Because you don’t really see how your major fits with these organizations. You know how everyone keeps telling you about the important communication and critical thinking skills you learn in your major? They’re right. Spending some time in a professional workplace will show you the value of those skills in concrete terms.

So HERE are more complete descriptions of the externships available over winter break. Read through. It if sounds interesting and fits your winter break plans, go ahead and apply!

(Resist that evil demon that whispers “no, you won’t get it — people way more prepared than you will be applying — don’t even bother.” Resist, I tell you! The demon is wrong. Those people you’re imagining probably have plans already. Several of these employers have multiple slots available. Why shouldn’t it be you filling one of them?)

If you have questions email humanitiesprc@illinois.edu.

The link to apply is https://forms.illinois.edu/sec/3919741